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Depend on a financial consulting team with more than 13 years of experience—the team at RCK Credit Consulting. We provide debt and credit counseling for homeowners, students, and families throughout the area. No matter your score, whether it's closer to 0 or 750, we're ready to help. RCK Consulting is a member of both the Rockford Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business.

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  • Jimmy Gore

    My name is Jimmy Gore and I heard about RCK through a realtor. I had bad credit and was wanting to get it fixed. I learned a lot about the process and how credit works from RCK. Learning the ups and downs of credit and how to keep it right. I’m satisfied with my results as of now, and their friendly service and low fee. They’re patient and understanding and RCK differs from other companies by having that one on ne counseling and helping me understand more now than ever. RCK is very professional. I would recommend RCK to anyone that has credit problems, good or bad, or just for more understanding. This is the place to come, thank you for your help RCK.

  • Andrea Sutherland

    I was referred to RCK from a co-worker. I came to them because I didn’t have enough credit and inaccurate information was being reported to the bureaus. While working with RCK I learned how to check my accounts and personal information for accuracy. I also learned my rights as a consumer and how to protect myself against unnecessary collections. RCK and their staff are always friendly and they always make time for any of my issues and answer everything on a timely basis. RCK treats you like a friend and not a stranger and lets you know how much your responsibility and knowledge helps yourself. If anyone needs help or has questions regarding their finances and/or credit RCK is the place to go.

  • Deon Barnett

    I was referred to RCK by someone who was a friend of a friend. Someone said you should try Jason, he’s awesome at what he does. I went in and explained that my need for RCK services was I needed help taking my student loans out of default. I am very satisfied with the services RCK provided, they have handled me and my issues very well. RCK gets down to the need of what you want. They work well with you. They help you grow and build a brighter future. I’m also looking into the credit services as well, I would recommend RCK.